wacocoro ONLINE|京都の選りすぐりのお土産・伝統工芸品のセレクトオンラインショップ

2021/11/10 13:34


ANDO Co., Ltd. is a kimono accessory manufacturer founded in 1923. The company also makes a variety of original products.
While incorporating and fusing new ideas according to the times, they remain committed to a core Japanese aesthetic in their craftsmanship. Although materials and techniques may evolve over time, they safeguard craft methods and innovate upon them, creating products that are like brilliant jewels.
The company is passionate about ongoing training of the next generation of full-time dye craft artisans.
ANDO draws on long years of technical expertise and experience while bringing in new sensibilities to express a Japanese taste that is all their own.

アンドウ株式会社 ANDO Co., Ltd.