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2021/11/10 13:34


All Kyo-Nenju®︎ are handmade. By weaving them with subtly alternating force, the result is a a durable and long-lasting string of prayer beads. Only authentic prayer beads created with great care by Kyoto artisans who inherit these traditions can be called genuine "Kyo-Nenju". KANBE JUZU safeguards those techniques in its approach to crafting prayer beads.
It has been committed to the manufacture and wholesale of Kyo-Nenju®︎ for 100 years. Drawing on long years of advanced expertise in bead-making, the company focuses on high-quality, reliable prayer beads that will bring joy to the wearer. These Kyo-Nenju are made using the finest materials selected with care by connoisseurs and crafted with advanced techniques. You must try them yourself to see the difference.

株式会社 神戸珠数店 KANBE JUZU Co., Ltd.