wacocoro ONLINE|京都の選りすぐりのお土産・伝統工芸品のセレクトオンラインショップ

2021/11/10 13:48


The company has been engaged in the manufacture and sale of furoshiki for over 70 years since its founding.
They champion the use of furoshiki in the traditions, culture, and ways of life of Japan, safeguarding the old Kyoto ways, while also proposing new and innovative ways of using them in modern life.
A furoshiki may seem a bit time-consuming to wrap, but this extra time and effort is a way of valuing the things you care for and showing consideration for the people you present them to.
From wrapping special gifts for loved ones to use as a casual item like a reusable shopping bag, tablecloth, or cushion cover, the ways to use furoshiki are limited only to your imagination. We encourage you to try them out for yourself.

丸和商業 株式会社 MARUWA Co., Ltd.