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2021/11/10 13:48



日常の生活の中でこそ漆器を使って頂き、素晴らしさを感じて頂いて、「ちょっとした幸福感」をお届けしたい、という強い思いをもとに、「シンプルでモダン、実用的な和のものを使いたい、贈りたい」 という方にぴったりの漆器をご提案しています。

ISUKE SHOTEN offers lacquerware with a modern design sensibility that blends into modern life.

The lacquer used in lacquerware is sap obtained from trees. Lacquerware is applied to wood or other materials and then polished through many processes to obtain a beautiful luster and durability. This ancient technique is used for furniture and tableware, and is integral to the Japanese culture.

They are enthusiastic about bringing lacquerware products into everyday contexts so that more people can experience their beauty. This makes their products perfect for those looking for something simple, modern, and practical, or as a gift for others.


株式会社 井助商店 ISUKE SHOTEN Co., Ltd.