wacocoro ONLINE|京都の選りすぐりのお土産・伝統工芸品のセレクトオンラインショップ

2022/04/25 15:44

aturae(あつらえ)は「 伝統文化を日常に 」をテーマに、京都が守ってきた工芸品の美しさを伝えていきたい!という職人をはじめたくさんの人の想いや技がつまったブランドです。

“aturae” is a brand that brings together the enthusiasm of local craftspeople, locals, and their expertise in order to bring the beauty of traditional crafts that Kyoto has safeguarded for centuries to a more everyday context.
The lineup includes accessories and small Japanese goods produced using traditional kimono and obi fabrics like Nishijin, Kyoto yuzen, and Tango chirimen textiles, and those featuring gold leaf. All products are made entirely at a workshop in Kyoto, from design on through to production.
The brand operates a specialty gift shop that carries accessories made from kimono and obi fabric, as well as an assortment of diverse accessories that bring a new touch to traditional crafts.

aturae(KUROKASHI-KOBO Co., Ltd.)